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    Plastic is designed to last forever, but most of it is only ever used once.

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    Amsterdam produces 300.000 kilo waste on Queen’s day alone. Waste from one day could produce 75 000 litres of clean fuel!

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    Current methane emissions from dumps account for up to 19% of total global methane emissions.

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    Today in NYC it costs $100 to dispose of just one ton of waste. The city produces 117.900.000 ton of waste per day.

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    Globally, agriculture generates 140 billion metric tons of biomass waste. Converted this could equal moren than 50 billion tons of clean fuel.

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    From Mixed Waste Streams to Gas, Heat and Clean Fuels

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    From Clean Energy to a Greener Healthier World

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    From a Greener World to Community Empowerment

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    From Community Empowerment to Financial Equity

Welcome to The Waste Transformers

We are a clean-tech, social-venture that will energise your waste. We embrace a decentralized approach, working primarily with the waste streams that remain after recycling. We have selected market-ready technologies with smart business models to make them financially attractive alternatives, now.

2013: a waste opportunities atlas for the Netherlands

In cooperation with the University of Groningen, we have produced the Waste Opportunities Atlas, a comprehensive overview of current waste management practice in the Netherlands. Order your copy now!

Afvalkansenatlas 2013: kansen in Nederlands afval in kaart gebracht

In samenwerking met de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen hebben we een gedetailleerd overzicht van de Nederlandse afvalsector samengesteld - de Afvalkansenatlas 2013. Bestel nu een exemplaar!

Featured project: Cameroon

The Government of Cameroon has signed an agreement with The Waste Transformers in order to start work on the realization of multiple waste to energy installations in the country.

Featured project: South Africa

Dube TradePort (Durban, South Africa) has signed a Letter of Intent with The Waste Transformers in order to explore the placement of a waste to energy installation at their location.